Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last Days

38 weeks 2 days. Longest I've ever been pregnant! It's so weird, but oddly I'm not over it yet. I think it has something to do with enjoying these last few days/weeks with my boys. I am SO anxious to meet this sweet baby, but I also know it's the last time we will do things as a family of four. 
We've been trying to take advantage with fun little things...
s'mores on the beach
walks to the tide pools
dinner dates
donut mornings
dates with Garrett
pool days
painting the baby's room together

And as uncomfortable as I am, I am so thankful for this pregnancy. Having a healthy baby is all that matters right now, and knowing this is my last pregnancy makes me want to enjoy every second. Not that those seconds are comfy or painless, but it's still mine. My little baby kicking inside of me for the last few times.

All that to say: COME OUT, BABY!! WE WANT TO MEET YOU!
 Your big brothers are almost out of school, and they want to snuggle you!