Monday, February 22, 2010

All better!

These past few weeks have been kind of crazy!
Hudson got RSV (from Parker's cough), had to be on steroids and albuterol through his nebulizer for about a week, all while starting his new acid reflux medication.
The steroids (we think) caused him to wake up for the minimum of 12 times a night. It was absolutely terrible... especially since all of this was going on during my 3 wisdom teeth getting taken out and recovering. That was one of the most sleep deprived weeks of my life, and the one thing about my surgery I was looking forward to was being able to get some sleep. I've never been more wrong.
It's okay, we're all better now.
We are having issues with Hudson going into his crib because we brought him into our room after his choking incident, and now he can't stay asleep in his crib. Any tips are welcome!

Here are a couple pictures of my little angels.
And a bunch from wine tasting on Saturday for Rob, and his friend Ty's birthday :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Hudson's first tooth popped through yesterday! I can't wait to get a picture... he's so stinkin cute :)

In other news: he started his nebulizer breathing treatments last night. He got a cold/cough from Parker, and it is making him super wheezy. The poor guy hates it so much and cries the whole time. Hopefully we'll only need to use it for a couple more days.

Oh, and our insurance approved Axid, so he doesn't have to take his nasty tasting Zantac anymore. He is already tolerating it so much better.

Monday, February 1, 2010

scariest night ever.

Last night I put Hudson down in his crib, he woke up about an hour later and was crying. I went in there to pick him up, and then he started choking. I turned him around and tried to put pressure on his belly so he would throw up whatever. He spit up a little bit, and then started turning blue/purple. I started walking with him and trying to kind of hymlic maneuver him, and I ended up sticking my finger down his throat, and it all finally came out. Garrett walked in the door about 2 minutes after this happened, and I was shaking so bad so I gave Hudson to him. He seemed kind of lethargic, and wouldn't really cry or make much noise. About 10 minutes later I took him and we were walking around, and the same exact thing happened. This time Garrett stuck his finger down his throat, and he spit it up (never actually threw up, just mucous). He wouldn't cry again or anything, so Garrett called 911. Luckily we can see the fire dept from our front door, so they were here in like 30 seconds. They had to put oxygen on him because his was really low, and he was super pale. We went in the ambulance to the ER (Parker got to play in the fire truck for a few minutes after Hudson and I left... so he was STOKED! lol), and after xrays, blood work, and rsv test, they concluded that he has reflux. I had a suspicion this was going on because he was screaming every time I layed him down (in my arms, on the couch, in his bed) to go to sleep. But I was just waiting for his 6 months appt next week to ask about it.

They gave him zantac before we left and he threw it up, and I just gave him some this morning and he threw that up too. He keeps his food down, so I think it must just taste nasty. So we are going to the pediatrician in a couple hours to see if we can get something else for him.

I am so happy I went in to get him when he woke up crying, I can't even imagine what would have happened if I hadn't been there.

And I am so thankful that he is okay. My little sweet angel baby is going to be fine.

6 months old!

Can you believe it? I feel like I just gave birth to this handsome little cutie. My little sugar is 6 months old... does that mean I can start planning his first birthday? :)

Parker and I made Hudson this cake. Parker insisted we sing "happy birfday to you" to Hudson. Daddy gave Hudson a little lick of frosting, but we got to eat the rest :)

And Hudson had his first meal in the high chair, which meant Parker sits in a booster seat at the table with us. So big!

Mom, these prunes are sick