Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm a big kid now!

Parker is potty trained! This isn't recent news, I just forgot to post about it... probably because I am running to the bathroom with him every 5 minutes.
I did the 3 day potty training with him, and it worked so well. He has maybe had a handful of accidents in the past month and a half, and is doing so well. He wears his big boy underwear all day except nap and bed time. It gets kind of challenging when I'm by myself with both boys, and have to run Parker to the bathroom while trying to fit the double stroller in there.
But it is so worth not buying and changing two sets of diapers!
Here's my big boy. I can't believe how fast he's growing up!

Double date without babes!

Grammie and Papa so nicely watched the boys on Saturday so we could have a little date afternoon/night. We went to Tolosa since Katie and Wes had never been there, and then to Sextant since none of us had been. It is so stinkin cute... perfect for a photoshoot!
We had the most amazing dinner at Ciopinot. That was our second time going, and it is definitely one of our faves!

A Parker quote from that night when my mom was trying to get him ready for bed:
Grammies: "Parker, you ready to go put on your pj's and brush your teeth?"
Parker: "no thank you, gram"
At least he has manners... :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

7 months

My little man is getting so big! He thought he'd celebrate by getting his second tooth. It's stinkin adorable!
Things he's doing: tripod sitting, giggling, rolling everywhere, trying to scoot, grabbing everything, and is SUPER into food.
He tried Parker's sippy cup, and loves it. We have another little water baby.
Oh, and speaking of water, we took the boys swimming 2 weeks ago at a little mommy and me swim class (Garrett was the only guy, hahahaha) and they loved it. Hudson is a little natural, and flirted with the instructor. What's new? :)