Monday, December 29, 2008

Baby Baby Baby

I just scheduled our first ultrasound for February 2nd. I am so excited to see this little one! February seems so far away, but I guess it is almost January. It is such a relief to see that little baby on the screen and see them moving around happily inside of you.

Sometimes this just seems too good to be true. I feel like the luckiest momma in the world. When we were trying for Parker, we were very fortunate to get pregnant our first month. And with this little baby, it took us 2 months of trying... which I still think is pretty darn lucky. But I can easily see where people could start to get discouraged. I want for my brother and sister in law to be pregnant so badly it makes me hurt for them. But I know your time is coming, Jen! And I can't wait for our kids to grow up together. Thank you so much for being an awesome auntie, and for responding so so well to the news. She literally shrieked, you guys! :) WE LOVE YOU!

Flintstone Kid

Parker and I are trying to fight a cold that we caught from daddy. I remember taking Flintstone vitamins every day when I was little, and I loved them. I think Brett and I had our favorite colors. His was red, mine were the orange and purple.
Anyway, I bought some a month or so ago for Parker, but was waiting till I knew he could chew them. Well I figured since he has a cold (and 3 molars to chew them!) that he could use some extra vitamins to help him feel better.
I split it in half, and he LOVED it. He kept saying "mmm mmm" the whole time he was chewing. cutest.thing.ever.
And I obviously had one for old times sake :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

(LOTS!!) Christmas pictures and baby news :)

Parker had the best Christmas ever... and so did we :) He had so much fun leaving cookies out for Santa, opening up his presents, and playing with all of our family.

one sock cutie

cookies for Santa

um, I think I'll try them to make sure they're good.

Christmas morning

Stocking time!
Yay, Converse!

Ooh, bows!

Loves his Tadoodles

All 4!! of us :)

Ash and Linds
Presents at Gramma and Grampa Dave's
Early morning, boys?Best Nana ever.

Taking Grammie for a walk

Addy May

Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel, I made you out of clay. Okay, so we're not Jewish, but Jen's dog is. And he's asthmatic.

Cute jeans, bub.


Most handsomest man

Hurry Grammie, get the ice fast, they see us!

Running around

mmm, ice.

Cutest rain boots!

The official present passer outer.
Align CenterOrnament

His favorite new toy

Auntie and Parker

The new parents of 2 :)


Sista Sista

Parks and Grams

And now for how we told our parents:
On Christmas Eve we told Garrett's side of the family, and Christmas morning we told my side of the family.
We wrapped up a baby rattle that says "Baby's 1st Christmas" on it, and gave it to our parents and told them it was for both of them. You can see their reactions here:

Everyone was so excited! Our moms were just so happy that they get to have another grandbaby. When we got to Rob and Jen's house, we had Parker dressed in a sweater and jeans. I randomly took off Parker's sweater and his shirt said "Big Brother" (see post below). Jen was the first to notice and had Parker come over to her so she could read it... and she shrieked :)

I've already had my first prenatal appointment, and our little one's due date is August 26th. We are just so thankful and excited to be giving Parker a sibling. I can't believe we are going to have 2 babies!!!