Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Parker started eating food a couple weeks ago! He doesn't really know what to think of it right now. He kind of just makes funny faces and tries not to eat it. I guess he doesn't know that Gramma DeDe is an awesome cook, and the sooner he eats this, the sooner he gets the good stuff!

Our First Easter

This year we had our first Easter together. We spent the day at Grandma and Grandpa Dave's house. Grandma DeDe, Papa Steve, and Uncle Brett came over too! So it was nice that we just got to stay at one house all day. Parker was pretty overwhelmed with so many people, so he slept some of the time! :)


Daddy is so silly!!

Momma with her Easter Bunny

Sleepy boy

Ella on a hunt

Uncle Adam being silly

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Parker Jameson Loughran

These are the announcements we made after Parker was born, but never sent out. We just thought we would share it with everyone.
Introducing: Parker Jameson Loughran
Our pride and joy.

Next to becoming Garrett's wife, this was the best day of my life. You will never truly know a mother's love until you become one yourself. Giving birth to this perfect little miracle showed me God's love for us all. Parker gave us the biggest scare of our lives the first week he was born, which made us realize how easily life can be taken for granted. Through all the crying, dirty diapers, sleepless nights, and bad days, we are just so thankful that he is in our lives. I cannot believe the joy he has brought to us. He is one special baby boy who has my whole heart.

Favorite Photos

Garrett and I bought a new Canon 40D SLR camera right before Parker was born, so that we could take pictures of our little man. Since buying it, Garrett has learned a lot, and has a new found passion for photography. He is so awesome, and keeps getting better. Here are some of our favorite pictures.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Welcome to our blog! We wanted to keep family and friends updated on our little man :)
Here is our little leprechaun: