Monday, September 29, 2008

A camera phone picture

This was on our way to Stanford. I found Parkie asleep with the paci backwards in his mouth. He fell asleep playing with it. :)


Even though it was 101 degrees on Saturday, we decided to take Parker to the zoo. He had been sick all week and hadn't gotten out much. He loves animals, so we thought this would be perfect! We don't have many pictures of the animals because they were all sleeping, or trying to get out of the heat. But Parker and daddy fed the goats, and Parker pretended to be a turtle. Unfortunately we had to leave the zoo ubruptly because I started to get sick. I have had a horrible sore throat and headache all weekend, and Parker, daddy and Grammie have all been taking care of me :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Monday was Parker's first appointment at Stanford. We got to meet the pediatric urologist surgeon who will be doing his surgery... and we really like him! He explained everything to us very well, and just seemed so passionate about what he does.

The good news is that he could feel both of his testes in his groin, so he didn't need to have an MRI after all! This was such a relief, and it really makes a difference having a urologist checking out these things rather than an ultrasound tech. And since he could feel them, that means that it is an easier procedure than if they were hiding behind organs or something else. If they had been hiding, it would have been a two part surgery and it would have been done laproscopicly (with a camera).

They are supposed to call us this week to schedule his surgery for late November/ early December. It will be about a 2 hour surgery, with a 2 hour recovery. He will get to come home with us the same day after he recovers and starts drinking fluids regularly (this should not be a problem since Parker LOVES water like a fish).

The downside to this condition is that he has a 35% chance of infertility problems, compared to the 10% that the normal population has. And he also has an increased rate (2-3x) of getting testicular cancer. So those are things that concern us right now, but I know that we shouldn't worry about all the what ifs, because we have a little miracle baby.

Please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers. :)

Oh- and I almost forgot: We RAN OUT OF GAS at the top of the grade on our way home!! Both Garrett and my check engine lights came on this past week, so we were scared to drive our cars. My mom let us borrow hers, because she is so nice, and the best grammie in the world :)
On the way home, Garrett says "the gas light just came on", and we decided to just get gas in a few miles when we got off the freeway. Then I remembered that my mom has run out once before because her "miles till empty" is a little off. So I asked Garrett how many miles it said, and it said "40 miles till empty". So we thought we were good, but still a little scared. About 1 minute later we started puttin along, and ran out of gas (I, of course thought Garrett was joking, because that's just what he does... unfortunately, he wasn't)!!! It was the first time for both of us, so we just started cracking up.
And one of my biggest fears is getting hit while parked on the side of the road... so I made us all climb a hill and wait till our friend brought us gas. Parker had so much fun watching all the cars drive by though!

Here are my silly boys:

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy 26th Birthday, Garrett!

This weekend (yes, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) we celebrated Garrett's 26th birthday... and it pretty much made him go into mid life, er, quarter life crisis mode. But we all reassured him that he is still young :)

We went to dinner on Friday, followed by Native Lounge downtown. Saturday we went to LA to a Dodger game, and Sunday we had pizza with my family.
Spoiled much??

I didn't get a picture of all of his presents because that would have taken forever. But I did take a picture of his painting from Parker that I framed for him (it made him teary eyed, sweetest thing in the world).

And I surprised him with the 32 gb iPod Touch. He is beyond obsessed with it right now!
I also got him a new wedding ring since his real one is lost somewhere. It is titanium with a diamond in the middle. I'm glad he doesn't look single anymore!
Happy Birthday, baby!!! We love you <3

Thursday, September 18, 2008

little hat head

How cute is this little cutie? He got so many compliments on his hat when we went out yesterday... I just had to share. He is just too stinkin cute!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Parker shares :)

Sweetest little buddy!
My mom and I were sitting at the table with him and he was eating his new favorite snack: Veggie Sticks from Trader Joes. (so good, by the way!).
He was sitting in my mom's lap and turned around and fed her one!
Then I was holding him and I said "can momma have one?", and he turned around and fed me one!

He is just the sweetest, cutest, bestest thing in the world!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Finger/Body Painting

Daddy's 26th birthday is on Saturday, so I wanted to do something special just from Parker. Obviously he cannot pick out a gift (and mommy got way too much for him as it is!), I decided to let him fingerpaint a picture for daddy and then frame it.
Well... fingerpainting quickly turned into bodypainting. I'm not sure he even used his fingers for most of it. There was a lot of kicking of the legs and moving of the knees.
Look how cute it turned out!
And shh... don't tell daddy!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Momma wanted to practice with the camera today because her baby was looking so darn cute.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lumberjack Lonie

If you're wondering why I just called my son Lonie, it's because it's his nickname. I realize it has nothing to do with the name Parker, but hear me out...
It started as Parker.
Then to Parkie pants.
Then to Parkie pantalones
Then to lones for short (duh, cause that makes sense).
Now it's Lonie.

Don't know why, but it stuck. And today while he was wearing this cute little trendy outfit complete with his flannel shirt, true religions, and vans, we were calling him "Lumberjack Lonie".

I know, we're crazy.
But we do have a cute kid :)

He thinks we say the dumbest things...

Cutie booty

He is SO happy

Cracking up at mommy dancing

Most beautiful eyes I've ever seen

Work those eyebrows, buddy

He'll be walking in no time!

Could he be any more gorgeous?

So kissable

Crawling is so fun!

He just got through giving us a lecture on why it's not okay to leave a baby on a rock by himself.

All Better!

Parker is starting to act like himself again, finally! That roseola was not fun. He has been extra cranky the past two days though, and of course I check his mouth today and he got another bottom tooth! That's 3 on the top and 3 on the bottom. Silly, but cute.
Thanks for keeping Parker in your thoughts and prayers. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Momma & Dadda

Those are Parker's two new words he says all the time. Melts our hearts :)


Look what dadda taught Parkie bug... he's a genius.


We took Parker to see Dr. Bravo yesterday because he still had a fever, and wasn't acting like my happy baby. Of course they couldn't get him in until 3:30, and by the time they took his temperature, his fever had broke. Talk about feeling like an overprotective, idiotic mom! He did not have an ear infection (phew!), but his throat looked red... which means he most likely had a sore throat. And then he told us that he bet that he had a pretty good chance of having Roseola. I had never heard of this before, but it is where a baby (most likely between 6 months and 2 years) has a fever for a few days, and is followed by a rash over the body. Well, today he got the rash! So Roseola it is. Luckily it doesn't itch or anything, and doesn't need antibiotics. So at least we now know what it was. Hopefully he will be better in the next day or two.
Poor little guy!
Here are a couple pics I took today from my camera phone. You can tell he is starting to feel a little better... and being silly with some plastic thing that was in his baby kit :)