Monday, February 9, 2009

Family Adventures

We are in Mountain View/Palo Alto for Parker's post op check up at Stanford tomorrow. We decided to come a couple days early and make a little trip out of it. We have been having a rough time, though. When we checked into our room, Garrett thought it smelled like mold, but we kind of just brushed it off. Well, then this morning Parker started throwing up (and we later realized he threw up in his bed in the middle of the night... poor thing!). We quickly opened the windows, and asked to change rooms, and his vomiting stopped. So we are thinking that might have had something to do with it.
He has thrown up once since then, but is otherwise his happy self. He won't eat much, but is still drinking plenty of water. Our poor little guy!
If he isn't better by his appointment tomorrow, we can't go. We don't want to get the other kids sick. So please pray that Parker feels better, and that hopefully it isn't a bad stomach bug!

We at least have some cute pictures of him :)

Parker riding the luggage cart:

His favorite thing: eating olives off his finger.
Drinking out of his big boy cup.

Snuggling with daddy.

We all went ice skating for the first time today. We had so much fun! And we all managed to not fall on our butts. :)

Mr. cutie pie in his ice skates.

Skating together.

He loved the ice!

Silly face in the car.

And I couldn't not put this on here. Garrett's professional ice skating moves. haha!


DeDe Weeks said...

I had no idea they even made baby ice skates!! So cute! I know you told me nobody fell, but I was still kind of scared to watch the videos. Nice moves, G. I thought you were going to do your triple axle when you started skating backwards. :) BTW.....what was Parker looking at - something sure had his attention off to the side. See you tomorrow! XO

Garrett, Ashlee and Parker said...

He did do a triple axle, but I didn't catch it on video, dang!
He was looking at a little girl who was REALLY good at ice skating. He loved watching everyone!

The Days of the Weeks said...

Garrett is pretty much like Blades of Glory...he might want to consider a tattoo of a wolf coming out of his shoulder. :)

Cute pics!