Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Love

My second Mother's Day was just as special as the first. My boys are amazing, and take such good care of me. Garrett kept telling me that they were going to take care of me because I take such good care of them every other day. :)
I woke up to donuts in bed with my boys, presents, followed by brunch at Madonna Inn with both of our families, dinner at Firestone, frozen yogurt, and then we took Parker to his first movie (Planet Earth). He surprisingly did pretty well and made it through 30 minutes. Wow, I just realized that most of my day revolved around food, but aren't all holidays??
It was so nice to be with both of our mom's and to spend some alone time with my guys.
Thank you, babe for all the love and spoiling me. I wouldn't be a momma without you :)

Parker is really into entertaining everyone at meal time. He had uncontrollable laughter yesterday, and learned a new word from Uncle James "NIIIIIIICE".
Parker was dancing the whole time I was trying to take a picture with him!

My handsome little boy

My momma :)

The guy who made me a momma :)

And my latest decoration given to me by my mom. I love it!!

I hope all the momma's had a wonderful day!!
And mom: I LOVE YOU!!

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DeDe Weeks said...

Awww - you have such special boys in your life! I'm glad they spoiled you because you deserve it. :) We really need a video of Parker's hysterics he puts himself into......way to hilarious!!! Love you too! XO