Monday, July 20, 2009

After Nap Cuteness

Daddy took some cute pictures of bedhead Parker after his nap yesterday. This boy would live outside if we let him!

Parker's new friend "fwock"

Parker Loughran... put that beer down!


DeDe Weeks said... the pics of surfer boy, but that frog is a little intense(I bet he's on the endangered list and G won't be able to mow the lawn anymore ha!). So sorry we couldn't visit longer today with you and Parks. Will be so glad when we're done with this house stuff!! ugh!!

Allegra said...

oooh, the pacifier still makes him look like a baby. precious :) i wish, selfishly, that ashton still wanted his :(

Jen said...

LOVE him! He is such a cutie! The beer pic is priceless.

Kasey said...

he's a doll!