Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Christmas

Most people celebrate Christmas on December 25... not us. Poor Garrett got the stomach flu really really bad on Christmas Eve as we were getting ready to go to his parents' house. I ended up taking the boys over there for a little bit to eat dinner and open up presents. Parker got a very cute John Deere trike that he is learning to ride (no pics... I couldn't handle 2 kids AND the camera :)). It was so sad, Parker kept saying "where's babe?" I didn't know what he was saying until I said "where's who?" and he said "where's babe? daddy!" :(
I was hoping Garrett just had the 24 hour flu so that he would wake up Christmas morning and feel fine, but instead I ended up with it too. Not nearly as bad, but I did not feel well. My parents' came and got the boys Christmas morning. I immediately started crying after they left because I was so devastated. I just wanted to see Parker's face Christmas morning when he woke up to all of his presents and the lit Christmas tree. Luckily he had no idea what was going on this year. He and Hudson were very well taken care of at Grandma's house though... I've seen pictures, and Hudson didn't get put down once :)
Luckily I felt better Christmas night, so I got to go see my babies and the whole family. Saturday morning we finally got to have our Christmas as a family. I hope that never happens again, it was so not the same without Garrett by my side. The only good thing out of all of this is that Garrett and I got to take a really long nap together on Christmas, that NEVER happens!

Hudson checking out his stocking
His most favorite toy/chew toy
Obviously he had to have tractors...
Looking at his stocking stuffers
Oscar the Grouch
So many goodies!
Parks' Radio Flyer Worm, or "horm" as he calls it :)
Silly swinging boy
Ty Ty and Huds
Momma and Parks

Cousins eating dinner together in their pj'sLittle snuggle
Momma's baby love
Parker being silly as usual
Momma and Huds
Grammies (love your juicebox, mom :) )
Sicky boy Jen got kind of mad that her slinky got bent. :)
Brett and Ty
My little Addy May
We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and a have a great New Year!

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Jen said...

Boo for the flu!! I think it is making the rounds, we had it too! Looks like you guys still managed to have a pretty good Christmas! Hope the new year brings you good health all around, Lord knows you deserve it!