Wednesday, January 20, 2010


There has been a lot going on around here lately! Parker (or I am?) doing a 3 day potty training program with him. I modified it a little bit because I don't think he is ready to give up diapers during naps and night time. But he is doing awesome! Other than pooping (sorry, I'm such a mom), he has been fab. No accidents in almost 2 days. He is an underwear wearing boy :)

Hudson has just started rolling over from back to belly. He could do belly to back a while ago, but just mastered this yesterday. He absolutely loves his jumperoo, and could spend all day in there. I can't believe how grown up he's getting... he has started to hold his own bottles! And I think within in the next month or so will be sitting up. He is my strong little guy.

I feel like everything is changing around here! Parker is going to start in his big boy bed pretty soon since he escaped last week, running into our room after a huge thump saying "momma! I did it!"

The things that have been coming out of that boys mouth lately are hilarious.
After licking his tractor, he looks at me and says "my excavator's spicy!"
And holding Hudson's hand, he politely says "momma, can I bite him?"
And today I asked him for a kiss and he rolled his eyes at me and said "BUT MOMMA!!!"

Too big. Too fast.


DeDe Weeks said...

These are such fun and rapidly changing times. Enjoy!!!

Jen said...

LOL!! Those comments are GREAT! L says everything is spicy! YAY H on rolling!!