Monday, February 22, 2010

All better!

These past few weeks have been kind of crazy!
Hudson got RSV (from Parker's cough), had to be on steroids and albuterol through his nebulizer for about a week, all while starting his new acid reflux medication.
The steroids (we think) caused him to wake up for the minimum of 12 times a night. It was absolutely terrible... especially since all of this was going on during my 3 wisdom teeth getting taken out and recovering. That was one of the most sleep deprived weeks of my life, and the one thing about my surgery I was looking forward to was being able to get some sleep. I've never been more wrong.
It's okay, we're all better now.
We are having issues with Hudson going into his crib because we brought him into our room after his choking incident, and now he can't stay asleep in his crib. Any tips are welcome!

Here are a couple pictures of my little angels.
And a bunch from wine tasting on Saturday for Rob, and his friend Ty's birthday :)

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Katie said...

looks like you guys had fun wine tasting : ) i want to go wine tasting with my pretty besti!!!!
happy belated bday rob!!!