Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Double date without babes!

Grammie and Papa so nicely watched the boys on Saturday so we could have a little date afternoon/night. We went to Tolosa since Katie and Wes had never been there, and then to Sextant since none of us had been. It is so stinkin cute... perfect for a photoshoot!
We had the most amazing dinner at Ciopinot. That was our second time going, and it is definitely one of our faves!

A Parker quote from that night when my mom was trying to get him ready for bed:
Grammies: "Parker, you ready to go put on your pj's and brush your teeth?"
Parker: "no thank you, gram"
At least he has manners... :)

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DeDe Weeks said...

He definitely has the manners, and we all know what a softie I am so that cute little comment bought him another 15 minutes before bedtime! :)