Tuesday, February 12, 2013

baby love.

We had our big ultrasound/anatomy scan on Thursday. It was still so exciting to see our baby even though we didn't find out if it's a boy or girl... we hadn't seen him/her in 10 weeks! And I know I'm their mommy, but our baby is pretty dang cute ;)

Baby was measuring 15 oz. and a couple days ahead. As healthy as can be!
Seriously, look at that nose. And is the baby a mini Hudson or what?

 Parker when he saw the sonogram: "oh, that's totally for sure a girl"... we'll see in about 18 weeks if he's right!

Can't leave out the cutest big brothers in the whole world.
 Hudson: "Parker, you're my best buddy"

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Jen said...

lol Parker - so cute! I think he's right too!! So glad you are back updating!