Thursday, April 2, 2009

Little Sweet Boy

I don't think Parker can possibly get any sweeter. He loves kisses more than anything right now (lucky for momma and dadda) :)
When he sees dogs or kitties, real or fake, he goes up to them and gives them a kiss. He makes this "mmm" sounds like he is really into it.
I have been trying to teach him to blow kisses to things that are far away, and because I don't want him kissing strangers dogs... that just freaks me out.
He really wanted to kiss the moon the other night so I told him to blow it kisses. He puts the back of his hand up to his mouth, says "mmm" and then throws his hand, and repeats it about 10 times.
Now he also does it to tractors because they remind him of daddy.

I need to get this on video because it is so cute!
I love that little guy.

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