Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Name!

Okay, so I don't want to change our blog website, but I want to change the title of our blog from "The Life of Parker" to something that has to do with Parker AND Hudson :)
Any suggestions??


Katie Carter said...

you could do something cute like..."my boys"...if you wanted to keep it similar maybe "the life of munchkins (or something cute!)" haha...those are some silly thoughts for ya ;-)

The Hillman's said...

The Brothers Loughran.
The Brotherly Adventures of Parker and Hudson.
Parker and Hudson's silly days.
Theres some ideas for ya!

Anonymous said...

What about Life with My Boys since it is you with all boys=)

Carolyn said...

What about "Life with the Loughran's"??

I had to change our blog too, it was called Keira Rose, but I changed it to our family name.

DeDe Weeks said...

You can always do what Miss Ellie said (about my boys)......Mama's Boys lol