Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hudson's Birth

Uh, mom... I think you're ready to push

Our little unexpected surprise :)

Thursday afternoon I went to my 36 week appointment. Everything looked good, but I was only 50% effaced and 0cm dilated. My doctor joked about seeing me the following week because it didn't look like anything would be happening anytime soon.

We were staying at my parents' house that night because I had to take Garrett to his appointment for his elbow, and we had to leave at 5:30 in the morning, so we wanted Parker to be able to sleep in and wake up at Gramma and Papa's.

Fast forward to 2:30 a.m. I rolled over in bed, and felt something wet (I immediately thought to myself "oh cool, Ashlee, you peed your pants). I went to the bathroom to go pee, but I didn't have to. All of a sudden I kept feeling little gushes of water come out. I was thinking that it couldn't be my water that broke, because it's too early. So I just stood around for a while, and more and more and more kept coming. I woke Garrett up and told him my water had broken, and he jumped out of bed. I went upstairs to tell my mom **by the way, sorry about your new towel I sacrificed!** and she didn't believe me. I had to show her my puddles to prove it.

We got to the hospital around 4:00 and I was checked a couple hours later. I was about 4cm dilated by then. I asked for an epidural... which I do not remember hurting so bad by the way! A couple hours later I wasn't having very strong contractions, so they started me on pitocin. They checked me around 4:15, and I was only at a 5. We figured we would be there all night waiting. But I started feeling some pressure shortly after that, and another nurse came in and said she wanted to check me because she saw a significant change on my monitor. I was fully dilated!! They called my doctor, and had me do 2 practice pushes and then told me to stop because his head was right there. I pushed one more time, and his head came out... and then once more and he was completely out! Hudson was born at 4:45 p.m. It went SO fast! I didn't tear this time, which has made my recovery so much easier.

I was asking the nurses and my doctor what normally happens with 36 week old babies since they aren't considered full term till 37 weeks. They said he would have a higher risk of going to the NICU if his lungs weren't strong enough, or if he couldn't eat very well.
I was worried and shaking a lot because I just couldn't handle seeing another one of my babies getting taken to the NICU and not being able to come home with me. Luckily he was evaluated by the head of NICU in our room, and she decided he was just fine :)
He has very strong lungs, and is an awesome eater! My lactation consultant said he was the best eater she had seen in a long time, and much better than most full term babies.

We are in love with this little guy... and so is his big brother. Parker always comes in and says "Hudson. kiss?" It's so sweet.

We are very tired, but it is so worth the love of two little boys.

We are in mommy and daddy heaven.


tiffany said...

such a beautiful family

Allegra said...

4 Pushes?!! No induction!! Sounds like an AMAZING birth story!! CONGRATULATIONS!

Abby said...

Hi,Its abby from ModernBliss! I cant believe how fast your labor and delivery went, so not fair! Congrats!