Saturday, August 8, 2009


We had Hudson's first pediatrician appointment on Thursday. He is doing great, gaining some of his weight back. But, my mom had noticed that he was a little yellow/orange. I asked the pediatrician about it, and she didn't think he looked too bad... but had us go to Sierra Vista to get a bilirubin count. We got a call around 8:00 that night saying that his levels were pretty high and to go to the pediatric ward immediately so they could put him under the lights to bring his levels down. We had to stay there overnight, and in the morning found out his numbers went way down, and we got to go home. I was so relieved we didn't have to stay two nights... that was the worst nights sleep I've ever had!
We go back tomorrow to have his number rechecked, so please pray that it has stayed down, and we are done with hospitals!

Here is our little blue light special, as daddy called him :)
He does look pretty darn cute, though.

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DeDe Weeks said...

He's still gorgeous...even he did have to give back his tan!!!