Friday, September 18, 2009

So busy!

Sorry I've been so neglectful, we've been so busy this week! I'm sure you've missed pictures of my little cuties :)

Monday we spent the day at Stanford for Parker's post op appointment. Thank God, everything looked good. No more surgery for Parks!!

Tuesday I met with a surgeon to discuss my gall bladder surgery. He highly recommends me getting it out. He said I can wait a while if I don't have any more attacks, but he insisted that it come out before we get pregnant again. I guess it is more likely to flair up when pregnant/after giving birth, and he said that it can cause me to lose the baby if I need surgery during that time. So... it is definitely coming out soon. I go back in a month to check up on things, and then will schedule my appointment (unless I have flare ups between now and then, then he said he will get me in right away).

This weekend is Garrett's birthday. We are so excited! We have a few things planned... pictures of that coming soon.

Here are a couple of our newest little cutie. Enjoy :)

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