Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Paci Monster

Anyone who knows Parker knows that he loves 2 things that go hand in hand.
His ni night and paci are like peanut butter and jelly. They just belong together.
For the past 2 years (minus 1 week) he has used a paci on every long car ride, nap, and bedtime.

We always said we would take away our babies' pacis before their second birthday. Seeing as his birthday is a week from today, we didn't give ourselves too much time! But Parker has now been paci free for 4 days. He went around the house and put them all in a box to give to Hudson. He was so happy and proud about it, it was precious. He has had a few withdrawls, but we are easily able to distract him. One of the last little pieces that made him a baby is gone. He is going to be 2! If we hadn't just had Hudson, I would be having some major baby fever right now.

RIP Paci's
You will be forever missed

Paci outtake


Deno's Den said...

Goooo Parker!!!!!

DeDe Weeks said...

So proud of you Parkie Shark!!! xo