Monday, August 2, 2010


Seriously? That went by WAY too fast. My baby is one. I can't even believe it.
We had a super fun carnival themed party for him on Saturday. A lot of friends and family came to celebrate, and spoil the little love.
Cotton candy machine, kiss the baby booth, face painting, pony rides. The boys loved it!

Hudson, you are one year old now.
Here's a recap of your most recent weeks:

You have 8 teeth (4 top, 4 bottom)
You crawl like a maniac!
You stand holding furniture, and go back and forth between couches.
You like to try and stand alone, but you get scared and crouch down.
You say "dada", "baba", "buh bye", and "raaar!". Where's "mama" in all of this?! Don't make me pull the I-gave-birth-to-you-card :)
You love ponies (which we found out at your party), but you are still a little iffy on dogs.
We thought you had a dairy allergy, but you've been fine with your whole milk. In fact, you love it. No more formula for you!
You love to put your head on my shoulder when you get shy or embarrassed.
You and your brother are almost the same size at 12 months. Like, identical.
You cannot get enough food into your little mouth. Your faves are edamame, grapes, animal crackers, graham crackers, bean burritos, and waffles. But you really will eat ANYTHING. Including rocks, stickers from outside, and anything you find in the carpet. Gross!

I love you, sweet baby boy. I have never met a baby as happy, lovey, cuddly, funny, and cute as you. You and Parker are the joys of my life, and you mean the world to me.
I can't imagine my life without your smiling face. You bring SO many people so much joy.
I know Nana is smiling down on you right now from Heaven, looking at her "boyfriend".

Happy Birthday, moose.


DeDe Weeks said...

You have been blessed with 3 such incredible boys!! You little family gave Nana so many smiles and happy times. XO

Katie said...

aww are such a beautiful momma in all senses of that word. i am trying to learn from your patience...
i can say that you make it look easy, effortless, it's almost rediculous ;-) i soak in the fact that you thrive on the amazing(ness) of being a mother, and not the stressful/frusterating/sleep deprived madness that is the reality of part of it.
i love you very much...and i love your family very much.
thank you for teaching me so much about being a mother <3 xoxoxox

Jen said...

Aww Ash! I will second EVERYTHING Katie said. You are a great momma! Happy FIRST bday Hudson!!