Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I just can't wait.

I am like a little kid on Christmas. Not only because, well, it's Christmas, but I cannot wait to see the look on Parker's face Christmas morning. He didn't do anything but sleep and eat last Christmas, and this year he actually gets to participate! I just know he is going to love it. We are going to church tomorrow as a family, and I just know Parker is going to love the songs. Our church has THE BEST band! Then we are going to bake cupcakes and go to Grandma Teresa's and Grandpa Dave's for dinner and presents. After that we will bake chocolate chip cookies for Santa and leave them on the special plate with some milk. :)
I am just so excited to start our own traditions with Parker. He is so fun and inquisitive. We decided that every year we are going to some how donate to charity. Weather it be our time, money or clothes/toys, will be up to Parker. We obviously can't really do this for another year or two, but I can't wait to start something extra meaningful with our little guy. And I can't wait to teach him why we celebrate Christmas. I really want him to know the true meaning of this season.

Oh, and side note. My mom accidentally stabbed her wrist a few minutes ago on a BBQ fork while looking for something in her kitchen. She was gushing blood, and my dad came home and wrapped in gauze, and it THANKFULLY stopped. That could have been a really bad situation. We are so glad you're okay, mom! Don't scare us like that again!!! :)

Grammie with her little Santa last year :)


Clayton, Katie & Calloway said...

You are such a good Momma!! :)

Merry Christmas!

DeDe Weeks said...

You two are awesome parents! I'm looking forward to our Christmas together! Love you guys. XO Mom