Saturday, December 20, 2008

The little things in life.

Parker seriously makes life so fun. I love bedtime with him lately. He is not a very snuggly baby, but when he is tired, he will lay in my arms.
Every night he grabs his special green "ni night" blanket and snuggles it up to his face. He then says "ni ni" which means he is super tired. We give daddy a kiss, and then he waves to him with those cute little chunky hands. When I take him into his room I hold him like a little newborn baby and sing him a song and then we pray. He gives me the hugest smiles during this, it melts my heart. He truly is the sweetest baby I have ever known.
And to add to the fun of bedtime, Parker slept through the night last night! 8:00- 6:45! This is a rare occurance in our house, so we take what we can get!
Good job buddy... keep doing it for mommy and daddy! :)

Vintage sleeping Parker:


DeDe Weeks said...

Angel Baby!! I remember the day we took this were trying for a photo shoot and he just couldn't stay awake. Precious precious precious!!!

Katie Carter said...

aww Ash, this is so sweet!! You're the cutest mommy too... : )