Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cutie Patootie

I just have to show of our little cutie pie. Parker is so full of life and such a happy boy, not to mention photogenic! We love that he is our little model, and he is so funny around the camera. He is probably the funniest little baby I have ever known, but he becomes so serious when the camera comes out. He cracks me up!

We walked to Farmer's Market from our house the other day, since we are moving next month and won't be able to do this much longer. :( Parker was exhausted and passed out about 30 seconds before we got home.

He stayed asleep...
We went to Target last week and Parker was such a good boy that I bought him a couple of toys :) He got a new xylophone and some maracas. He is such a musical little guy. He loves to make music out of anything (banging a paci on his highchair or carseat, singing in the car...), so I thought I would give him some real instruments. For the time being, he just likes to chew on them!

Oh, and another favorite thing of his is zippers! He tries to eat them, but they don't come off! Bummer.

Parker got a new play mat. Since we have hardwood floors, we needed something for him to play on that was a little softer. He loves to chew on it, can you tell he's teething?!

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Hudson said...

Parker is as cute as ever! I love the last pic. Hudson has the same playmat and loves to chew on the letters too. :) Parker and Hudson would be buds!