Friday, July 25, 2008

Parker's Moving!

Packing is hard work, even for a baby! We are getting ready to move to our new house! Well, not new, but new to us. Garrett's parents bought some property in San Luis that happened to have a house on it... and they are letting us rent it for the next few years. Garrett has been working countless hours on it trying to get it ready, but we are still waiting for the floors to come in (crossing our fingers for next week). So in the meantime, we are moving in with my parents. Hopefully it will only be for a week or two, and I'm sure they hope so too!
Anyway, the new house is on a bunch of property, and is much bigger than our current house. It has 3 bedrooms (room for another baby???) and 2 baths, and has a huge laundry room, and an adorable dining room. There is also a play structure with a swing and playhouse for Parker. I think he is going to have so much fun growing up out there! It definitely needs a lot of work, but we will work on making it our cute little home.
(we will post before and after pics of the house as soon as we can... you won't even believe the difference!)

Here is Parker helping us move (and teething, hence the wet shirt):

This is our current house that we are going to miss so much. We have so many memories here, and it was Parker's first home. He spent the majority of his time in the womb here, and almost a year growing up in it. We love this house so much, but we have outgrown it in our short 13 months living here.


ChristanP said...

I hope you're coping with the move! Just think of the wonderful place that is to come :) ~Allegra

Jason, Liz, and Caroline said...

Congrats on your new house!