Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween Fun

This week we had so much fun with Ryan, Tara, Addy and Ty while they were here visiting. We all went to Avila Valley Barn and played.

Auntie Tara and Parker
Our Halloween Toes: Mine have spiderwebs on them, Tara's are orange, and Addy's say "Happy Hallween". So fun.

Parker playing with a tractor...

Ty playing on the hay bails

Little scrunchy cute face. Probably the 4 cutest pictures ever.

Parkie being silly with mama.

Mama and Dadda

Posing on the pumpkins

Addy being a bad girl (just kidding, we told her to do it).

Addy and Uncle G being silly

Addy and Park

Little crawler

Our family :)


DeDe Weeks said...

Fun times! Where's Uncle RyRy?? J/K We need to go back for the hayride though. :(

Caitlin said...

Oh my goodness, Parkie is sooo stinkin' cute! I cannot wait to meet him, and for Riley to meet him too!

Samaria said...

These pictures are amazing...:)