Sunday, October 26, 2008

Parkie's Pumpkin

So we have already been to the pumpkin patch *twice*, but had yet to actually buy pumpkins. We went to Avila Valley Barn but it was PACKED (I'm talking wait a 1/2 hour in line just to pay for the pumpkins), so we went to one right by our house. Parker had fun riding in the wagon and picking out his own pumpkin :)

This one cracks me up! Little 'tude.

This was the first pumpkin he crawled to, so obviously we had to get it!

Parker and his pumpkin :)


Allegra said...

Hahah! You're like us. We've gone to the pumpkin patch 3 times! Once we attempted Avila-same story as yours so we went to Sierra's to take pics weeks ago and then again this weekend to buy and carve with friends. I'm sorry, can you really have too many pumpkin patch visits? (CUUUUTE Jeans by the way! HOT mama!)

DeDe Weeks said...

I LOVE these pumpkin/punkin' pics! And I must say, Parker is an expert pumpkin picker - look how perfect it is!!!! It cracks me up the way he always looks up at Garrett - too too cute for words!!! His hairdo was pretty stylin' too! :)

Katie Carter said...

this might just be my favorite outfit of parks! you know how i love stripes..and the orange...ill just be honest..anything he wears is my fav!!! that's a bootylicious shot of momma too ;-)