Sunday, March 15, 2009

Papa's Birthday


Papa blowing out his candles

Miss Katie

How many dorks does it take to light a cake?

Belly Shot

And Papa reading to his little buddy

My dad turned 59 on March 11th, and we celebrated his birthday tonight since Rob, Jen and Katie were all in town. We had a yummy bbq and apple pie and cake. MMM :)


Katie Carter said...

Happy Birthday Steve!! Aww the belly is pretty dang cute...lovin that pink tank ;-)

DeDe Weeks said...

Did you see your dad crying he was laughing so hard at Garrett's attempt to light the candles with a little "help" from Brett and me? ha

And I love that Parker likes to look at books together now. Soooooo cute!

ps....Katie looks like she's getting ready to give somebody a knuckle out G and Brett!!!