Friday, August 22, 2008

9 is the magic number

I can't believe how much Parker has changed this month! It just seems like all of sudden, things clicked.

His new tricks:

Real crawling instead of the army crawl
Said his first word
Eating amazingly (loves fruit now)
Can climb over any obstacle you give him
Gives hugs and kisses (melts our hearts)
Can go "yaaaaaaaay" if someone does it first
Mimics everything
He is on a pretty decent schedule
Cruises on the furniture
Sleeps through the night!!!! Never thought that one would happen.
Steals our hearts... oh wait, he has always done that.


Auntie Jen said...

Okay, if your going to make me get tears in my eyes at work, I'm going to have to stop checking in! :) I love to see him grow and you two are great parenting role models for me!

DeDe Weeks said...

You have to add....."does anything he can think of to make Grandma DeDe laugh (which isn't hard!)." His newest trick......holding his breath until his face turns bright red; then laughs at ME!!!!