Saturday, August 23, 2008

Momma + Dadda = Parkie

Parker is finally starting to look like me... according to the poll! PHEW. I was starting to think I didn't have my stamp on him like Garrett does (as Papaw likes to say :) ). He's always had my eyes, but people have been telling me a lot lately that he is starting to look more like me than ever before. This makes me happy since I did give birth to him. Oh man, how many times am I going to use that line against him??

I'm glad Park is a good combo of the two of us. I can look at him and see myself. But at the same time I look at him and see his wonderful daddy. (And I mean wonderful. Side note: he brought my mom and me flowers today, just because :) Sweet boy!)

We are going to take him out tomorrow and try to get some cute pictures. Who am I kidding? If Parker is in them, they are always cute!

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