Sunday, August 3, 2008

Look what I can do

Parker has been changing a lot in the past week. He has been crawling for a while, but now pulls up on EVERYTHING. Grandma DeDe got him an Elmo toy that he can play with while he is standing... and he loves it! He has also been getting shy around people which is too cute to handle. He pouts his lower lip, and turns his head to the side, all while smiling. He is so silly and we just love it!

Hey Elmo

I can do it

Almost there, buddy

Strongest man in the world

See ya guys, I'm over it

**I realize all of our pics are blurry in the past couple posts... it was set on a weird setting, and Garrett had to fix it for me!

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DeDe Weeks said...

Hey Parkie, my love! It's been so fun having you stay with us; I get to see every new thing you come up with each day. You are growing up so fast though, but it's so fun to actually communicate with you now - even if it's only our "whammy" face we do while you're in your highchair! Please, always stay the angel you are now. XO XO