Sunday, August 17, 2008

Big boy bath

Parker now gets to bathe in the normal bath tub. He LOVES it. He splashes, stands, and tries to swim. We put a color tablet in his bath to make it bright blue tonight. I know Parker can't really enjoy it yet, but mommy and daddy do :)

*warning: naked baby booty* (a cute one, too)


Caitlin, Andrew, and Riley said...

These pictures are sooo cute. They look so professional. I love coming to your blog and seeing Parker grow, I haven't even met him yet but he's the cutest boy around! I hope we'll get together soon! I made a blog for Riley as well, you should check it out!

Love, Caitlin

DeDe Weeks said...

You going to miss bath times at Granna DeDe's, Parks??? I'm going to miss you!!!

Auntie Jen said...

The fifth one down is hilarious! Is he training to be Shady Deals with Uncle Robbie! And I love the bottom one! So startled!