Monday, January 5, 2009

Baby Needs

I am an extreme planner. I love having things done, or at least thinking about them ahead of time. These are some things that we need before the new baby comes. We plan on buying at least 1 thing a month so that we don't have to buy it all at once.

We will need a toddler bed for Parker. I am in love with this one!

We need a new mattress for the crib. I do not like to take chances with SIDS. So scary.

A double stroller that is compatible with our infant seat. This one looks very cozy.

A breast pump of my very own! I need a good pump to get me through the dreaded pumping. I am really liking this backpack style.

New crib bedding. Parker tore his apart by stepping and jumping on it. I love this one from Pottery Barn Kids.

And a tropical place to send Gramma DeDe and Papa Steve so that they will watch Parker in the morning for the first few weeks so that I can get some sleep and keep my sanity :) Here's to hoping...


DeDe Weeks said...

I think I need that tropical place NOW so I can be well-rested!! And Parks better say "grammie" before long or it's Papa Steve all the way!!

The Days of the Weeks said...

Your so funny! Here is hoping you get all that and more!

The Hillman's said...

Oh gosh, we are so much a like! I have to be organzied like that too, I'm not even preggers with #2 yet and am already thinking about these sort of things, minus the breast pump and stroller! Im so excited for you! Conrats again

Katie Carter said...

I love this post's all so you!! The bed would match mommy and daddy's and the bedding is exactly what I would think you would pic sweet!! I hope you get all these goodies...although I'll be honest and say the breast pump doesn't excite me...haha. I know it will when I'm a mommy....can't wait!!!