Monday, January 12, 2009

More Rock Adventures and a Driving Baby

Gosh this boy is so cute. He is a little rock collector and dirt eater.

And mommy had a little Britney Spears-esque moment when she let Parker drive the car. Don't worry, it was about 10 feet, and we were on our private dirt road. He is a crazy driver, by the way. Who would have thought? :)


DeDe Weeks said...

Uh oh.....did you see in the news where a LITTLE boy drove himself to school in his parents' car?? Parks looks like he's so into it!! Scary!! And you can tell he's full on running in some of these pics. Very cute!!!

Allegra said...

I love his outfit. It's definitely a look I like on Ashton, too. Love the Britney moment too ;) I mean, to kids really need car seats all the time?! :) Kidding of course!!