Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This momma is going to be fit!
My best friend and I signed up today to run the Morro Bay rock to pier 10k in July. And my brother's girlfriend, Ellie decided to join in on the fun, too!
We have been running, and are almost done with our 5k training. Then it takes us about 6 more weeks to get to the 10k level.

I have never been a runner (except for soccer in high school), but I am actually starting to enjoy it. I don't love it at the time, but I love how it makes me feel after. And I feel my body getting toned, instead of my mushy post baby-ness.

I have always wanted to love running, I just never thought I could.
I'm hoping by June, I will honestly be able to say that I love it (not just because I'll be able to wear short shorts again... but that's a pretty good reason).

time to get some good songs on my iphone...

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Jen said...

GO ASH!! That is awesome!