Monday, May 3, 2010

Family Photos

We had so much fun taking these. We kind of got to get away and have some fun, despite the very hard time we were (and are) having with Nana's passing.
We went to Old Edna, which is the cutest setting ever! It was so funny because Samm (our photographer) said she had a spot in mind, and when she mentioned where, we remembered that we had been there with our friends Katie and Wes to wine taste, and we said how adorable it would be to take pictures there! There are so many cute little spots all within a little backyard garden, we loved it.
And after we were done, we came back and took one under our favorite tree in front of our house. It turned out so sweet... and so special since it is our first house as a family of four.

It is so nice to have someone else taking the pictures, for once!

*pictures by Samm from
-who also did our pictures about a year and a half ago with Parks. We love her! :)


Chelsea said...

These pictures are so amazing! You have such a beautiful family!

Jen said...

A-freaking-dorable Ash! You have such a beautiful family!

Katie said...

you guys really are a beautiful family and the bestest besties (eva!!!!)...these pics are amazing, i love all of them :-) xoxox

Samaria said...

Love your blog=) I had so much fun with you guys!