Monday, June 29, 2009

Little Biter

Put the beginning of terrible two's and some molar teething together, and this is what you (or I) get:
I told Parker it was time to come inside from Gramma and Papa's backyard so we could go to the grocery store. Well, he bit down on my arm and wouldn't let go. I put Parker down and let him throw his little tantrum after I told him that we DO NOT bite.
He ran to Gramma, of course... and with little sympathy from her, started biting his shirt. I went to take a picture with my phone to show Garrett, and caught this little image in the background.

It seriously cracks me up! I know he didn't viciously bite me, because he will bite the closest thing to his mouth when teething. But still... it was a little intense!


DeDe Weeks said...

That was intense to say the least. I didn't know who needed more or Parker!

Hudson said...

Awww poor Parker(and your arm!). Teething is not fun. I have to say that picture cracks me up though. :)