Monday, June 29, 2009


Wow... I haven't been posting at all lately!
We have been busy getting Hudson's room ready. So far all we've done is paint his room chocolate brown... it is SO cute! We need to build his crib, put Parker's furniture in there and then paint Parker's room and build his new furniture! That's hard for an 8 month pregnant girl and her one armed hubby to do!
There is so much to do and only about 8 weeks left!
I can't wait to post pictures as soon as it's all ready for our little guy :)

Parker has been having so much fun in his little pool we got him. He is such an outdoorsy baby. Here are some cute pictures of the little handsome munchkin:

Laughing while squirting daddy with the hose
What, mom?
He likes to give a cheesy smile now when we tell him to smile for the camera
Parker laughing at daddy on the "slip n slide"- or just a huge tarp daddy made into a slip n slide :)
Cutest boys ever

If you know Parker, you know that he LOVES his camo rain boots that Uncle Robbie and Auntie Jen got him for Christmas. He says "boots" every time we go to Gramma and Papa's and puts them on to go in their back yard. So we went to Farm Supply this weekend to get him some for our house.
Garrett and I were looking at some boots, when I looked over and Parker had put these on himself! He found the right size somehow and put them on. I asked if he wanted to take them home and he literally ran out the door! We had to chase him down before we all got arrested for stealing... and then we paid for them while they were still on his feet. He must have a thing for cowboy boots since Papa has some that he likes to try on :)


DeDe Weeks said...

I thought the camo boots were the cutest things I'd ever seen, but now I'm rethinking that one! Both pair are so he can be stylin' at home and away (at grammie's and papa's!).

The Cunninghams said...

Those boots are too cute! Justice has a pair of camo rubber boots and he tries to wear then with everything... I don't let him ;) Why do kids love boots so much?!?

Caitlin, Andrew, and Riley said...

those boots are soooo cute! glad you (or Parker in this case!) found some that worked =)