Monday, June 8, 2009


Parker has been doing so well recovering from his surgery! Occasionally he'll grab his diaper and say "owie" which is heartbreaking, but it's nothing that a little Motrin hasn't helped. The hardest thing for him is not being able to play with any of his ride on toys. He has to stay off anything that makes him "straddle" for a month (including our hips!). We have to carry him like a little baby so we don't put pressure on his wounds.

He has also slept through the night 5 out of 6 nights this week! And the only night he didn't was the night he had surgery, and even then he only wanted a drink of water. He is doing so well since we took away his bottles. I really think after 19 months, he has the hang of sleeping!!

How cute is he in that picture? Daddy always goes and gets us donuts every weekend, and we always eat them together (in bed, on the kitchen floor), but always somewhere fun.
Parker couldn't decide between chocolate and sprinkles, so daddy gave him one of each. He has been a little extra spoiled this week... which I think he deserves :)

Garrett has surgery tomorrow to get his metal plate removed from his elbow. PLEASE keep him in your prayers. We just pray that this will help him start to feel better and get back to normal a little bit. My poor guys!

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The McClelland's said...

What a cutie pie!! I hope all continues to go well and I will be praying for G.