Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Surgery is over!

Parker's surgery is over! It went better than expected. His surgery was scheduled for 1:00, but to our surprise we got a call this morning saying we could come in a little earlier (11 instead of 11:30 to check in). We took what we could take, since Parker wasn't able to eat, we wanted him in there as soon as possible. He did SO well. He never once cried for food or water (trust me, he's made up for the no eating thing...).

They gave him some "relaxing" medicine before they took him back to surgery so he would be relaxed, and not cry when he had to leave us.
This made him super flirty and silly, as you can see :) He was giggling at his anesthesiologist, and acting completely hilarious. He didn't even notice we were gone when they took him to surgery.

Parker was pretty uncomfortable when he woke up from the anesthesia. He just wanted to snuggle, and he desperately wanted his IV out. He chugged his water (shocking huh?) and we were free to go.And he watched Open Season on the way home on his new DVD player we got him as a little surgery present. He loves that thing! We stopped at Wendy's and he insisted on eating daddy's double cheeseburger, along with some chicken nuggets and fries. He was so hungry, poor little guy. Oh, and he got a bunch of chocolate when he got home- rules don't apply today :)

Overall he is pretty happy, but you can tell his is pretty sore and achey. He keeps trying to stand up, and just ends up in tears because he is in pain :( It is so sad. He is fine when he's just sitting with us on the couch though, so I think tomorrow is going to be a movie and snuggle day.

We go back in September for his post op appointment, and hopefully never have to go back there again!! And weird... we are going to have a couple week old baby then. Yay!

Thank you SO much for all the prayers/texts/calls/Facebook messages. It means the world to us to have so much love and support. <3


The Cunninghams said...

I'm so glad everything went well! You are a great mom to go through all of it with such bravery and with such a good attitude. I'm pretty sure it is the worse thing in the world when our kids are sick or in need of medical care. Hopefully it is smooth sailing from here on out! :)

The McClelland's said...

Im glad everything went smoothly! I was thinking of you guys all day and hoping & praying all would go well.

Vo1vomom said...

Dear Ashley and Garrett,
I was so thankful to hear that Parker's surgery is all over and he is DONE with hospitals. He is adorable and you are wonderful parents. Love, Aunt Linda