Friday, September 5, 2008

Nail Cutting, Bath Time, and Hair Brushing

I love bath time with Parker. He is so so cute, and this is probably his happiest time of day (except for getting dressed and having his hair brushed... see below.). We started out with a little nail clipping since his new favorite thing to do is pinch the back of my arms while I'm holding him. And with those long little nails, it gives me flash backs of when Brett used to pinch me when we were little because I would kiss him TOO much! Have you not seen Brett, the fattest baby in the world? He had the most kissable cheeks ever! Anyway... the pinching hurts, so we cut the nails :)

I love how he is on a mission to get to the bath tub. SO CUTE.

Bathing Beauty

Saddest wittle face in the world! I have to kiss him while I dress him and comb his hair to calm him down. It is seriously like wrestling an alligator.

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DeDe Weeks said...

Parks, you're becoming quite the little drama king! I saw that fake little sad face last night. You're such a cutie-patutie!!!!