Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Finger/Body Painting

Daddy's 26th birthday is on Saturday, so I wanted to do something special just from Parker. Obviously he cannot pick out a gift (and mommy got way too much for him as it is!), I decided to let him fingerpaint a picture for daddy and then frame it.
Well... fingerpainting quickly turned into bodypainting. I'm not sure he even used his fingers for most of it. There was a lot of kicking of the legs and moving of the knees.
Look how cute it turned out!
And shh... don't tell daddy!


Auntie Jen said...

That is the most beautiful painting I have ever seen! What a great gift Ash! You are a great mommy and wifey!

Fred, Kimberly and Elijah said...

Garrett is going to love it!! Fred hung his up in our room and was so proud of it lol. I love the pictures, he looks like such a cutie pie and like he was trying really hard to make it nice. What a doll!