Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lumberjack Lonie

If you're wondering why I just called my son Lonie, it's because it's his nickname. I realize it has nothing to do with the name Parker, but hear me out...
It started as Parker.
Then to Parkie pants.
Then to Parkie pantalones
Then to lones for short (duh, cause that makes sense).
Now it's Lonie.

Don't know why, but it stuck. And today while he was wearing this cute little trendy outfit complete with his flannel shirt, true religions, and vans, we were calling him "Lumberjack Lonie".

I know, we're crazy.
But we do have a cute kid :)

He thinks we say the dumbest things...

Cutie booty

He is SO happy

Cracking up at mommy dancing

Most beautiful eyes I've ever seen

Work those eyebrows, buddy

He'll be walking in no time!

Could he be any more gorgeous?

So kissable

Crawling is so fun!

He just got through giving us a lecture on why it's not okay to leave a baby on a rock by himself.


DeDe Weeks said...

These are precious!!! I still say I've never seen a kid with as many expressions as this little guy has! Love him to bits!! (some of these faces are breathtaking and some just plain crack me up!) XO Gramma DeDe

Auntie Jen said...

I just opened the comments to say that I have never seen a baby with so much personaltiy, but Gramma DeDe beat me to the punch! He is so amazing!

Auntie Jen said...

Okay, one more comment. The second one down is the cutest thing I have ever see! I keep coming back to see it cause it just cracks me up!

And P.S....Lonie is the best nickname ever! Although, as you know, I use it to describe anything that "baby" :)