Sunday, November 2, 2008

Birthday Party!!

Parker's 1st birthday party was so much fun! Our friends and family came over to our new house, and we celebrated with him. He was such a good boy, and loved his special day! Thank you everybody for your help and for the gifts!

The giant cupcake momma made for Parkie

The cupcakes that make my family tell me I need my own cupcake business. :)

Or little birthday boy

Happy Birthday, Buddy!

My little buddyOur family <3>

Parker and Ty having a talk

Waiting for his cupcake

Make a wish!

Oh my...
Best cupcake ever, mom!
Finger lickin' good
The little prince
Momma and Daddy with their baby
Cleaning up the messElla Bella showing us how she can eat a cupcake too :)
Present time!

What?! I only get 1 Elmo???

Reading the cards

Ripping open the paper

Checking out his new clothes



Parker's new wagon
Addy in the tire swing



DeDe Weeks said...

Very fun day and Parker was an absolute angel!! Happy Birthday tomorrow, big boy!! Love you!!

DeDe Weeks said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Baby Boy!!! You are officially ONE today!! Hugs and Kisses!!!!

ChristanP said...

What a cute day you put together! (Hey, I was thinking, it might be the layout that is cutting your photos off. Try another one and see if it does the same thing?) Oh, I also need your email again. I lost it :( Allegra

Hudson said...

He looks like he loved the cupcake, so fun! The pictures are adorable!