Saturday, November 1, 2008


Parker had so much fun trick or treating. He held his little spider bag and would carefully pick out a candy at each house. He was so polite and cute that we let him have a couple of lollipops!

Cutest chicken EVER!!! And the only chicken I've ever seen with Converse :)

He wanted to go get some candy!
Love that chicken

Trick or Treat!
Rob... what are you drinking?!
Mmm.... lollipops
Checkin out the goods
Chicken butt
Who shot my husband?
Mama's naked man
Halloween Partay!
Uncle Wobbie Auntie "Ti Ti"



Yummalicious Caramel Apples

Sissy and Friends :)

1 comment:

DeDe Weeks said...

Can he be a chicken for his birthday party too!!?? Cutest chicken ever!!!! XO