Thursday, November 13, 2008

Surgery Is Over!

We are so glad yesterday is over! Parker was such a trooper, and was amazing at the hospital. He didn't get to eat anything after midnight on Tuesday, and his surgery wasn't until 1:00 (minor miscommunication with the nurses on this. We thought we had to be there at 9:30 for an 11 o'clock surgery, but we were wrong apparently). So he had no naps and no food in his belly, but was still his happy self.

The surgery took about 2 1/2 hours, and they brought down both of his testes, and found 2 hernias in his lower abdomen that they had to fix. And while they were fixing the hernias, they found some weekend abdominal tissue that needed to be repaired. So the surgery took a little longer than expected, but everything went really well.

They brought us in to Parker's recovery room while he was still asleep so we could be the first things he saw when he woke up. He was really irritable coming out of anesthesia, and he would not sit still. But as soon as we gave him some water and milk, he relaxed and fell back asleep in our arms.

They warned us that the anesthesia might make him nauseous, so they gave him something in his IV to help with that... but it didn't work. We were a couple hours from home and had just given Parker some milk, and he threw up a few times all over the back of the car. We had to pull over and change him and clean up. Poor little guy. (Oh, and we had just gotten some burgers we were eating at the time. Yummy.) But after that he was actually really happy and seemed to feel pretty well.

He really was awesome, and so were all the nurses and doctors. We are so glad to have this behind us! We go back in 3 months to have a follow up appointment just to make sure everything is healing properly.

And this morning he was up and playing and laughing like nothing had happened. He is our happy little Parker today :)

And I have a whole new respect for parents dealing with things like this. It is truly the most heartbreaking experience. It sounds so easy until you actually have to go through it yourself. That hospital was such a sad and happy place. You saw mother's and children crying, but you also so parents and children laughing because they were being healed. You could really feel an overwhelming presence of God with those families.

Oh, and cutest thing ever. When Parker was coming out of anesthesia, I asked him if he wanted to go home. He started waving buh bye, and then he looked at Garrett and me and smiled. Melted our hearts.

Here are some pictures of the healed little man!:

Playing in the hotel... making some business calls.
He LOVED this phone!

The night before surgery... eating some goldfish :)

Trying to keep Parkie entertained until surgery

Momma and her little man
Our family ;)We are so sad without our Parkie :(

Our little crazy haired angel after surgery.
Sleeping on momma

Not a happy camper

My little bug

Walking to the car, asleep in daddy's arms.

Thank you to everyone who was praying for Parker AND us yesterday. The calls and texts really meant the world to us.
And thank you, Gramma DeDe and Papa Steve for coming with us and supporting our family. You guys are the best :)


Hudson said...

I am glad it is all over! I can't imagine how hard it was to have him in surgery. It sounds like he handled it really well, go Parker!

Fred, Kimberly and Elijah said...

I'm so glad it's over for you guys and you can just relax when he is done recovering. He looks so adorable sleeping in your arms!!

Allegra said...

You did it!! I'm so glad that everything is OK. It sounds like your Dr's were great-alert and looking for more than just the given problem. You are a strong Mom and wife.
Feel better, Parker!!
Love, Allegra

The Weeks Family said...

I have such a feeling of peace right now and I hope you all do too. That little man means so much to me (as do his Mommy and Daddy) and I am glad it is over. The pictures made me cry...a happy cry but still a work. :) Tell Parker his cupcake is on the way! LOVE YOU GUYS!

DeDe Weeks said...

Hey little love muffin! I just saw you in person and couldn't believe how well you're doing!!! :) You are such a brave and strong little man, and you are so blessed to have such an amazing mommy and daddy! And I know we all feel equally blessed to have you in our lives. I would also like to shout out a heartfelt Thank You to all the friends and family who have been such steadfast prayer warriors for our little angel. Grandma DeDe

Alicia said...

Hello, I followed a little bit from MC, and just wanted to come on here and give my best wishes to the little man. What a brave boy. I am glad things turned out okay! He is such a cutie.