Friday, November 21, 2008


Just a little update on the little surgery patient...

The day after Parker's surgery you would have never guessed he had anything done to him. He was smiling, laughing and playing with all of his toys like usual.
He was pretty bruised and swollen, and his 2 incisions on his abdomen were inflamed. We had to pick him up by scooping him under his little booty so that we wouldn't put strain on the incisions (this was kind of hard for us to adjust to!).
Oh, and Parkie cut 2 teeth (1 of them a molar!) during this whole process... poor little thing!

A week later, he is almost completely healed. I can't believe the recovery time of a little one. The bruises are gone, and all you can see are the 4 incisions. They still have a little bit of the glue on them that keep them from opening up.

He luckily didn't need any of the tylenol with codeine, just a little bit of Motrin. He is such a tough baby!

He is starting to walk like a little mad man, and is as happy as ever!

Here is a recent picture of him that I love. He's so stinkin' cute!
And one of Parker and Momma :)

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DeDe Weeks said...

You left out the part about Parker being the Goodwill Ambassador at Stanford! He turned so many worried expressions into smiles as he cruised the halls engaging everyone he could. He didn't even care if someone wouldn't look at him, he'd keep smiling at them until they finally smiled back. Too precious!!!