Thursday, November 6, 2008

Words and Food

Parker has begun to start mimicking what people say. So far, these are his words:
Kitty: "Keee Keee"
Duck: "Duh"
Momma: "Momma"
Dadda: "Dadda"
Buh Bye: Wave and "buh buh"
Bottle (baba): "ba ba ba"
Hi Dadda: picks up his cell phone and says "hi dadda!"
Auntie: "ti ti"
Papa: "pa pa" in a whisper

And I swear he said "Oba" for Obama. I am NOT joking, even though I wish I was. Garrett must have been teaching him that, because I sure wasn't!
My little political baby. :)

Oh and my little fig newton and goldfish head has finally turned into a healthy eater!!
His new favorite foods are:

Kidney Beans. Lima Beans <---- Major fave! Yo Baby cereal and fruit yogurt. String Cheese. Pintos and cheese. Grapefruit. Raspberries. Applesauce. Brocolli <--- Can't get enough!

Yay! I am so proud of him. I am really into children eating healthy, and for the longest time he would only eat snack foods. It was driving me crazy! Oh, and he is taking a few steps at a time now. I think by Thanksgiving we will have a flow blown walker!


DeDe Weeks said...

Um, you forgot "papa" and "titi" for Papa Steve and Auntie Jen, but NO Grandma DeDe!!!! :( Come on, Parks!

Jen said...

We have to teach him "Palin" for 2012! I am so proud of that baby. I LOVE watching him grow!