Monday, November 24, 2008

Flirting and Fake Laughs

So we definitely don't have a shy baby.
Parker has always been a flirt, but now incorporates the fake laugh into it.

On the day of his surgery (granted, they had just given him a sedative), he was flirting and pointing to his anesthesiologist, and offered her his paci with a huge grin on his face.

While shopping, he offers his goldfish or trail mix to any passer by who talks or smiles to him.
It's actually not just people anymore. Tonight we were at McDonald's (yes I gave my baby chicken mcnuggets... don't judge me :) ) and he was trying to feed his nuggets to the cars passing by.

While Garrett and I are watching TV and Parker is playing, he will turn around and laugh any time we laugh. The best part: he has no idea what he is laughing at.

So the other day my parents, Parker and I were all at Target. Some lady starts talking to Parker and telling him how cute he is. He gets a huge smile on his face that makes the lady giggle. Well Parker goes into his full blown fake laugh, which obviously made the lady laugh harder... and led Parker to fake laugh even harder.
It is quite hysterical. I have a video, but Garrett and I are extremely obnoxious in it, so I need to get a better one.

I seriously love this baby boy more and more every single day. He does a pretty good job of entertaining us. :)


DeDe Weeks said...

Oh, come on....we'd love to see an obnoxious mommy and daddy!! :)
I hope Parks never gets shy, and I don't know how that's possible with his daddy and papa Steve influences. Love you, Parks!! XO

The Weeks Family said...

I would be more apt to judge you if you didn't feed him McNuggets! :) But seriously, Parker has the best personality! We want videos! :)